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Health care industry

The region’s health care businesses have developed out of the regional watchmaking tradition and more than a century of presence of major pharmaceutical industry groups.

Numerous SMEs with expertise in precision engineering and miniaturization have specialized in the design and manufacture of components, microsystems and products with applications in the medical devices sector. Other businesses have acquired considerable expertise in wound care, pharmaceutical drug delivery technologies and technologies for assistance and rehabilitation.

The region has highly eff ective teaching hospitals and a cancer treatment centre of worldwide repute, the Centre Georges-François Leclerc.

Health care industry in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

  • 300businesses
  • 10,000jobs
  • 2€2 billion consolidated total revenues


Adhexpharma, Bioexigence, Crossject, Delpharm, Dixi médical, Essilor, Galien Pharmholding, Groupe CEN, Groupe Eos Imaging, ICTA, IDO-IN, Imasonic, IDS France, Inventiva, Medicoat, Merck MF, Microméga, Oncodesign, Proteor, RD Biotech, Recipharm, SPPH, Sophysa, Statice, Stemcis, Tunstall, Groupe Urgo, Vétoquinol, Zimmer Biomet.

Pharm’Image has cutting-edge nuclear imaging equipment for conducting studies via the imaging and preclinical radiotherapy platform at the CGFL. ©Alexis Chézière / CGF


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