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Wind energy

Wind energy in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

  • 860jobs
  • 85identified wind power sites
  • 590MW generating capacity mid-2017, on 36 wind farms

With support from regional institutions, industrial concerns specializing in the engineering and metalworking trades together with engineering and design departments provide their expertise for the manufacture of wind turbine equipment. Grouped together in the Wind For Future cluster that has national and international reach, the fi rms are involved in numerous projects in particular for devising the education and training essential for the development of this sector.

Some leading firms

Elec ENR, Enercon, Eole Res, General Electric Wind Energy, Global Wind Power, H2ion, Innergex, Intervent, Lufkin, Opale Énergies Naturelles, SARL Jardot, SCS Concept Group, Senvion, SKF, Simelectro, Vestas, Velocita, WPD


  • Wind For Future


Senvion, wind farm development and operation ©Senvion