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Diagnosis, advice and expertise

AER BFC has as one of its missions to bring innovative projects to the fore, by:

  • performing innovation diagnostics with which to characterize needs and to propose pathways for action, to make connections with partners or to put in place financial mechanisms, etc.
  • supporting the formalization of CIFRE applications, enabling a firm with an R&D project or wishing to explore a scientific skills area to receive financial aid to recruit a doctoral student.

The agency also facilitates and supports innovation projects, whether technological or otherwise, with the Presta’INNO tool for:

  • diagnosing and formalizing the business’s requirements for its project
  • advising on the strategy to put in place
  • making connections (resource proposals: service providers, partners) and financing services.

To successfully complete its missions, the agency draws on the regional ecosystem for economic development and innovation which counts some 150 actors (financial, technological, sectorial, etc.).

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