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2 laboratories related to the sector

120 establishments
3,300 jobs

1 dedicated training campus
6 schools training engineers

The AER BFC supports yo

Ludovic Diers

Ludovic DIERS, Mobility Project Manager, will be your main contact at AER BFC for any project related to the railway sector. With a background in the automotive industry, where he worked in research and development for suppliers linked to the automotive industry and at Stellantis, he will be able to support you in your projects.
The support offered by AER BFC takes different forms:

  • Meetings with high-stake companies,
  • Participation in the animation of the ecosystem,
  • Targeted prospecting in France and abroad,
  • Engineering of company projects,
  • Financial engineering,
  • Land and business real estate. – ldiers@aer-bfc.com

Answers to the railway challenges of tomorrow

A future-oriented ecosystem

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is an industrial region with proven skills in machining, mechanics and boiler making, inherited from the coal mines and royal foundries. Its industry has invented and integrated new techniques to improve the comfort, safety, carbon footprint and performance of railway installations and equipment.

4 world-class centres of excellence

Manufacture and maintenance of rail networks, design and construction of rolling stock for passengers or freight, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté masters all stages of the industry. Established here since the last century, Alstom has four world-class centres of excellence in the region: the Belfort site (design and manufacture of TGV engines and locomotives), the Ornans site (design and manufacture of traction motors), the Le Creusot site (bogies and shock absorbers) and the Saint-Denis-Lès-Sens site (brake disks).

2 competitiveness clusters and 1 associated cluster

  • Pôle Véhicule du Futur : reference centre for land transport, mobility solutions and related services.
  • Polymeris : reference in innovation for the plastics, rubber and composites sectors.
  • Mecateamcluster : a national centre specialising in the design, production and maintenance of railway works equipment.

6 reasons to choose the BFC

  • 1st industrial region ;
  • ALSTOM: 4 industrial sites;
  • MECATEAM: a cluster specialising in the railway industry;
  • 14 regional railway technicentres;
  • A dense network of subcontractors;
  • A dedicated training centre.

Carte ferroviaire en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Some companies in the sector

A.C.E, Alstom, Amefo SAS, Anvis, Ateliers de Joigny, BDVF, Bonandrini, DVF, Jeantet Elastomères, Kremer, Matisa, OTN, SKF Slewing Bearings, Technicentre SNCF, etc.

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Innovative projects


The SNCF was able to use the services of the EDIM (Ergonomics and Design) platform at the UTBM to measure the arduousness of drivers’ jobs. These skills can also provide answers to future needs: from interior design to information systems, not forgetting the cladding of faces and ceilings, glazing, lighting, air conditioning and even seats.


This new-generation train measures the ballast profile, compares it with SNCF Réseau’s specifications and triggers the opening or closing of the ballast traps to deposit the necessary ballast. This train also establishes the traceability of the ballasting operation and ensures the conformity of the track. All this in a single pass, whereas three passes are needed today, taking into account the compliance rounds carried out on foot. Benefits: improved productivity, staff safety, less waste.


1 training centre dedicated to maintenance

Campus Mecateam

The Mecateam Campus is the first training centre entirely dedicated to the maintenance of railway works equipment. It offers training courses in the maintenance of railway works equipment. The aim is to train more than 5,000 people over the next 10 years in order to meet the growing needs of companies in the sector for initial and ongoing training, to harmonise working methods, to improve know-how and to increase the productivity of worksites. The training centre will be able to rely on a pedagogical platform that is unique in France.

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