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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the right place!

Ecosystem of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region

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210 Startups / SMEs

Companies at CES LAS VEGAS 2024

ABEYE : MedTech start-up developing innovative solutions for better health and well-being, including LEXILENS glasses for dyslexics and the first fall detection glasses.
ALLYBOKUS : Computer Programming.
BLUE FROG : Social robotics for the Education, Inclusion, Health, Care for the Elderly and Hospitality markets.
CLHYNN : Energy – disruptive fuel cell technology.
5DISCOVERY : Softskills and Hardskills. Trainings in virtual reality: airplanes, submarines, factories, automobiles… But also negotiation training, speaking, etc. in a programmable environment… 5discovery enables you to train a man or a team in the desired environment and sector, and the only limit is the customer’s imagination.
DLM SOFT : Business software development.
HLP Services : Digital solutions for industry.
HLP STUDIO : Disruptive covering with customized digital solutions.
INOBYZ :Design and distribution of digital services for businesses web developer.
INOCEL : Hydrogen fuel cells.
LUXOR GROUP : Virtual-reality immersion.
METAFORMAPRO SA : Software, all-in-one solution for training professionals.
ON HEALTH TV : Online media specializing in healthcare innovation.
ONLINEFORMAPRO : Distance learning, marketing of all educational products in all media, web design, multimedia design, document production in all media and application development…
ORGAMY : Appointment platform for paramedical professions.
PHIGI – SATT SAYENS: Smart phygital material.
SILMACH : Micromotors to drive nomadic and/or connected systems. Energy-free micromechanical sensors for structural health monitoring.
STARENCO: Local digital marketing for network companies and point-of-sale distributed brands.
VISIPERF : Local digital marketing for network companies and point-of-sale distributed brands.


Smart territories

Grand Belfort: internet of objects platform

Grand Besançon: smart waste management – Journées Granvelle

Grand Dole: augmented city management

Granges: local distribution network

Is-sur-Tille: smart street lights,

Nevers: SIIVIM – the international summit for innovation in medium-sized cities

On Dijon: introduction of a centralised, connected system to manage the public space, for the police, emergency services, waste management, street lighting, etc.

Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération: smart waste management,


Examples Businesses: FLOWBIRD (Parking Management) MATAWAN (smart transport system), Moncoursierdequartier (flowers), Geoide crypto&com (hypervision for the city),


Discover our ecosystem allows the emergence of start-ups 


New mobility

One of the regional ambitions is to support innovation for the development of sustainable, smart and connected mobility solutions. This is one specialization areas within the Regional framework of Innovation Strategy and based on 4 differentiating factors :

  • Design and manufacture the chain components value linked to electrification cars
  • Create solutions storage of electrical energy efficient and reliable
  • Design and manufacture smart and connected vehicles, machinery and solutions
  • Deploy services innovative around the mobility

Automotive sector: 370 companies, 38500 employees  ; Railway sector: 150 companies, 850 employees ; Cycle sector : 180 companies, 1700 employees.

Robotics Ai

The Robotics Valley cluster is an association whose mission is to create synergies, support R&D, monitor emerging markets and improve the attractiveness of the region around robotics and the industry of the future in the BFC region. Our missions are : Innovation: supporting companies in collaborative projects.

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