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Professionals at the service of both businesses and local areas

Martine ABRAHAMSE PLEUXChief Executive
Arnaud MARTHEYChair
Karine VENDROUXAssistante de direction
Claudie DELESTRACoordinatrice Pôle Ressources
Responsable administratif
Marie PASCALAdministration des ventes
Menouba BOUDJADJAAide-comptable
Assistante administratif
Anne-Gaëlle ARBEZCoordinatrice Pôle Développement & Prospection
Fouad BOUNOUIDRATEProject Manager
Health Care Industry
Nicolas GRENIERProject Manager
Food Industry - High-Tech Agriculture
Anne FALGAProject Manager
Luxury Goods and Prestige Know-How
Béatrice JOLYProject Manager
Health Care Industry - Energy
Nathalie LOCHProject Manager
Mobility - Hydrogen
Alban STREBELLEProject Manager
Logistics - Customer Relations - Digital
Manon GERUMChargée d'appui au développement et à la prospection
Hassania BEN NACEURChargée de mission
Développement économique
de proximité
Côte-d'Or - Haute-Saône
Yassine HAMIDOUCHEChargé de missions
Développement économique
de proximité
Doubs - Territoire de Belfort
Anne-Lise ROUMIERChargée de mission
Développement économique de proximité
Yonne - Nièvre
Dimitri SCHUSSLERChargé de mission
Développement économique de proximité
Saône-et-Loire - Jura
David BACCoordinateur du Pôle Ingénierie Economique et Territoriale
Yoann DUMONGéomaticien
Yannick MOULINChargé de veille stratégique
Nathalie HERMANChargée de mission
Marie-Thérèse VINCENTChargée de mission Téléprospection
Daniel MICARDInnovation Director
Bénédicte DOLIDZEChargée de mission Éco-innovation
Jason QUEUDRAYChargé d'affaires Éco-innovation
Claudine LE NAOURChargée de projet Veille innovation
Yves VINTERChargé de mission Propriété Intellectuelle
Carole PETITGestionnaire des aides
Céline MARMONTChargée d'appui
Actions Innovation
Karine HERNANDEZResponsable Communication et Relations Presse
Monique GOSSELINResponsable Promotion et communication
Jasmine FEDORChargée de communication
Emmanuelle GUIBELINChargée de communication Web
Chargée de mission SI et numérique
Sandrine LESTIENNEAnimatrice Multimédia
Esther MARVANEChargée de communication
Aline POIRIERChargée de communication

Five capability units :

  • “Development and Prospecting” by strategic industry and by geographical area : it covers the sectors of health, agro-food, luxury goods, mobility including the automobile industry, power including hydrogen, forestry and timber, logistics, construction, aeronautics and the digital industry.
    Seven industry project leaders visit businesses to ascertain their needs (development projects, difficulties), and those of their customers and suppliers. They prospect new businesses by way of Business France, private prospectors and trade fairs.
    Four local development officers work with EPCIs and businesses in geographically targeted zones.
    This unit is also involved in driving the partner ecosystem.

    • visits to businesses
    • participation in driving ecosystems
    • targeted prospecting by sector and country
    • intermediary for Business France in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
    • business project engineering (location, extension, buy-out/take-over, commercial and industrial partnership, difficulty)
    • financial engineering (calls for tender, financing rounds, etc.)
    • business land and property
  • “Innovation and Eco-innovation” :
    • promotion and impetus of the innovation ecosystem: Innovation Month, an event not to be missed for enhancing awareness of innovation and also support for more than 100 innovative projects through Presta’Inno in partnership with Bpifrance and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Council
    • promotion and impetus of eco-innovation which is reflected by support for 30 dossiers per year in partnership with ADEME BFC
    • expertise in Intellectual Property through partnership with CCI BFC
    • collective technological monitoring on the topics of packing and packaging and bio-sourced materials
    • qualification of business incubators
  • “Economic and geographical engineering” :
    • the socio-economic observatory in conjunction with the Emfor and CCIR partnerships
    • cartographic analysis
    • knowledge of economic activity zones / land and property / run-down aeras in the eight departments
    • business monitoring and opportunities (businesses of strategic importance, in difficulties, with foreign capital)
    • economic and geographical studies
  • “Regional Promotion and Attractiveness” :
    • promoting the regional identity
    • promoting economic assets
    • promoting know-how of regional industries
  • “Resources” : is a support unit (finance, HR, legal, etc.) and four other capability units.