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Impelling the regional ecosystem

One of the agency’s missions is to be the linchpin in the region in driving the regional ecosystem for economic development and innovation.

AER BFC therefore has the role of federating and driving this network of innovation actors, made up of some 150 partners (financial, technological, sectorial, etc.).

These actors participate in the activity of this network:

  • generally, at plenary meetings (once or twice per year) in order to improve mutual knowledge among members, exchange information about business support measures, the tool used and other topics
  • in area meetings to exchange about their latest news and promote it
  • to construct events together for businesses, supply chains, researchers, students … notably for Innovation Month
  • to mobilize actors around business innovation projects/strong> and support them
  • to promote the connection between public-sector research and the economic world for a better understanding of the area’s resources and actors.