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Difficulties and changes

The AER BFC can also support you if you are experiencing difficulties and to cope with the various economic changes. To this end, the Agency can intervene in various actions such a:

  • Putting people in touch with the players/support mechanisms for the prevention of difficulties encountered by companies but also for the management of difficulties Ability to work in conjunction with specialised firms, mandated by the company, to support the recovery and/or the search for buyers
  • Mobilisation of the agency’s networks made up of public and private players supporting economic development, innovation, employment and attractiveness in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in support of business: moratoria, deferrals, mobilisation of complementary public or private tools
  • Relay by the agency of the search for partners and/or buyers
  • Support for the search for national or international investors in conjunction with Business France in the context of situations with a strong impact on employment in the region

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