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Regional economic engineering

Business France Representative

The Agency is a Business France representative in the context of an agreement signed by the two entities. The objective of the partnership is to define the methods by which the Parties work together to define and coordinate the following actions, with the aim of attracting job-creating and high-value investors to the national and regional economy:

  • Prospecting for, welcoming and monitoring international investment projects and together taking every initiative that might encourage sustainable foreign investment in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of public measures to encourage foreign investment.
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2 observatories

Décidata, Economy-Employment-Training data platform

At the initiative of the Region and within the framework of the SRDEII and the Regional Knowledge Strategy, an agreement has been signed by the State, the Region, the AER BFC, the BFC CCI and EMFOR to develop a shared arrangement for regional observation on the themes of Economy-Employment-Training, to be named “Décidata, socio-economic data platform in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté”. The ambition of this online tool is to provide, free of charge and to anyone, professional or individual, information on businesses and activity sectors, key regional figures, training offers, etc. Up to 10 geographic levels, more than 600 indicators using more than 20 regional and national suppliers. Numerous downloadable studies complete the knowledge of the region’s economic dynamics.

Your contact : David Bac – dbac@aer-bfc.com –

Observatory of Economic Land in BFC (OFER BFC)

Initiated by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region to address the challenges of SRADDET and SRDEII, the OFER BFC observatory aims to observe sites with economic vocation or destination through a detailed understanding of their land. OFER BFC produces indicators and knowledge to support decision-making in economic development; its objective is to combine economic development with land sobriety goals.

The online platform provides tools to EPCI (public territorial collectives) allowing them to manage their zones and economic land: footprint, parcel availability. The observatory regularly synthesizes knowledge of economic land occupancy. This solution is also part of the Regional Knowledge Strategy; it is implemented with the support of ARNia.


Also, find the map of sites and activity zones, provided that EPCI agrees to publish detailed data:


Your contact : Yoann Dumon – ydumon@aer-bfc.com –

Decidata in 2023

  • 1 100professional users
  • +500regional publications
  • 72,000visits

Representing and connecting EPCIs

The AER BFC is one of the representatives of the EPCIs (Public Establishments for Intercommunal Cooperation) for businesses, helping support their set-up and development:

  • Business project engineering at each stage of a company’s life cycle.
  • Innovative project engineering
  • Promotion of land and property offers

The AER BFC has effective knowledge, inventory and management tools for this which provide precise responses to regions and regional stakeholders in economic development:

  • Socio-economic observatory
  • Themed and sectoral mapping
  • Regional economic benchmark
  • Key data on the economy, markets, sectors, etc.
  • Access to tools developed by the Agency: business property, degraded environments, business land
  • Monitoring businesses experiencing challenges, and sectors.