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Financial engineering

Our support

With the help of our project managers, experts in business support, you can take stock of the aid available in the form of loans, subsidies, exemption from charges, risk capital and seed capital. To support initiatives to create, expand and take over a business, the Regional Council of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté has set up various incentives. They can be direct for you and your company (deductibility, exemption, etc.) or indirect (tax exemption, etc.) through tax incentives for your financial backers.

Own funds

Building up your equity is the main step in the financial set-up of your project.

Various means can be mobilised to achieve this: loans of honour, solidarity financing, risk and seed capital, guarantees for investors, etc. This reinforcement also has a leverage effect on other sources of financing. Some schemes are also adapted to specific situations: young people, women entrepreneurs, jobseekers, employee entrepreneurs, etc.

Also take advantage of all opportunities that can strengthen your start-up resources, such as business start-up competitions. There are many such schemes.

Subsidies and exemptions from charges

Subsidies and exemptions from charges may be available to you depending on your location. Take advantage of them, but be careful not to take them into account when drawing up your financial plan.

In the case of a business takeover, the financing methods are very similar to those for setting up a business. In addition, there is a development contract for the transfer of ownership which facilitates the handover.

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Even if you have foreseen them from the conception of your business plan and possibly already negotiated them, some financing can only be mobilised when the business is actually created. This is particularly true of loans. These can take different forms and durations; explore all the advantages and constraints. Think about combining guarantees to reassure your financiers.

The seed equity loan, an intermediary between a traditional loan and an equity contribution, will strengthen your permanent resources.

Some schemes, which you used when preparing your project, can be extended, in particular certain solidarity financing or advice chequebooks.

For the acquisition of certain buildings or operating equipment, the leasing solution can offer certain tax and accounting advantages.

On the other hand, advance payment schemes will ease your cash flow.