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Financial engineering

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With the help of our project leaders who are experts in business support, you will be able to take stock of the assistance available in terms of loans, subsidies, exemption from fees, risk and start-up capital. In order to support creation, extension and business takeover initiatives, the Regional Council of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté has put various incentives in place. These may be direct, for you and your business (deductibles, exemptions, etc.), or indirect (tax exemption, etc.) by fiscal incentive to your financial backers.

Own funds

Creating your own funds is the principal stage in your project’s business plan.

Various means can be used to this end: interest-free loan, solidarity financing, risk and start-up capital, investor guarantees, etc. This strengthening also acts as a lever for other sources of finance. Certain provisions are also suited to specific situations: the young, women as creators, job seekers, creative employees, etc.

Ensure also that you seize any opportunity that could strengthen your start-up resources, such as business creation competitions. There are many possibilities.

Subsidies and exemption from charges

Subsidies and exemptions from charges may be awarded depending on your set-up. Make the most of these, but ensure that you finalise your finance plan without taking them into account.

In the case of a business takeover, financing methods are very similar to those of business creation. There is also a transmission development contract which facilitates the transition.

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Even if you have anticipated or possibly already negotiated them when devising your business plan, certain types of finance can be mobilised only on the actual creation of the business. This applies in particular to loans. These can be of various types and duration. Investigate all their advantages and disadvantages. Remember to make guarantee provisions to reassure your financial backers.

The equity assistance start-up loan falls between the traditional loan and the provision of own funds and will strengthen your permanent resources.

Certain arrangements, which you have already used when preparing your project, may be extended, in particular certain types of solidarity financing and “advice chequebooks”.

For acquiring certain buildings or operating equipment, leasing may have some fiscal or accounting advantages.

Some arrangements for advances may also ease your cash flow.