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Support to the regional ecosystem

Leading the regional ecosystem

Leading the regional ecosystem

The AER BFC is the official representative of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region with regard to leading the regional ecosystem in economic development and innovation. The Agency’s role is to bring together and lead this network of innovation, consisting of approximately 150 partners (financial, technological, sectoral, etc.). These stakeholders lead the network through various actions:

  • Participating in meetings, throughout the year, with other network members in order to improve members’ knowledge of each other, exchange news, discuss methods of business support, tools used and other topics.
  • Mobilising stakeholders around business innovation projects, while also providing them with support.
  • Encouraging the link between public research and the economic world, thus providing a better knowledge of the region’s resources and stakeholders.

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Promotion of innovation and ecological transition

The AER BFC aims to achieve constant innovation, working closely with the regions and making its resources available to them. The Agency is responsible for spreading a culture of innovation through its policy of raising awareness among all regional businesses, in order to encourage the realisation of innovative projects and identify projects, as far in advance as possible, in conjunction with the sectors.

This collaboration between the Agency and the regions of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté includes leading the network of stakeholders involved in innovation and raising awareness of innovation and the ecological transition among EPCIs and the region’s businesses:

  • Leading a network of the region’s stakeholders in innovation.
  • Organising regional meetings with the objective of enabling members to improve their knowledge of each other and discuss business support methods and tools used.
  • Organising technical seminars to discover and showcase the “innovation” resources of a department or a business activity area.
  • Making digital tools available to ensure a smooth, regular flow of information to enhance members’ knowledge of each other and establish synergies.
  • Raising awareness of innovation and the ecological transition among EPCIs and regional businesses by organising departmental meetings, the aim of which is to review the actions of the AER BFC and network stakeholders, and also raising awareness of perspectives and collective work sites. A plenary is organised to facilitate mutual knowledge and discussion among members.

Support with economic changes

One of the Agency’s missions is to support regions and regional stakeholders facing economic change. This support is given in partnership with State services. In the context of this support, the AER BFC works on various themes:

  • Access to the economic information required to understand the region’s dynamics; support in analysing this information; assistance with deciding on and formulating economic development strategies.
  • Contributing to the knowledge of the substance and development of regional businesses, in particular through daily economic monitoring and the creation of high-quality files.
  • Participating in prospective focus groups studying the region’s socio-economic dynamics.
  • Specific socio-economic studies, at the request of shareholding EPCIs.
  • Participating in work groups.
  • Connecting your region to regional and national partners in economic change.
  • Promoting your region’s opportunities via our communication tools and in the regional press.
  • Transferring skills to competitiveness and economic monitoring clusters.