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Support to the regional ecosystem

Animation of the regional ecosystem

Animation of the regional ecosystem

The AER BFC is the official relay of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region as regards the animation of the regional ecosystem of economic development and innovation. The Agency’s role is therefore to federate and lead this network of innovation players, made up of around 150 partners (financiers, technological, sectoral, etc.). These players make it possible to animate the network through various actions:

  • Participation in meetings throughout the year with the other members of the network, in order to improve mutual knowledge between members, to exchange on the news of each one, on the methods of accompaniment of the companies, on the tools used and on other topics.
  • Mobilising players around business innovation projects, while supporting them.
  • Promote the link between public research and the economic world, for a better knowledge of the resources and actors of the territory.
  • Construction of events for companies, sectors, researchers and students, in particular during the ” Créer Demain, 2 jours pour innover ” event.

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Promotion of innovation and ecological transition

With the aim of perpetual innovation, the AER BFC works in close collaboration with the territories, while making its resources available to them. The Agency is responsible for disseminating the culture of innovation through a policy of raising awareness among all regional companies, in order to encourage the implementation of innovative projects or to detect projects as far upstream as possible, in complementarity with the sectors.

This collaboration between the Agency and the territories of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté involves the coordination of the network of innovation players and raising awareness of innovation and ecological transition among the EPCIs and companies in the territory:

  • Animation of the network of innovation actors of the territory
  • Organisation of regional meetings with the aim of improving mutual knowledge between members, exchanges on business support methods and on the tools used.
  • Organisation of technical seminars to discover and highlight the “innovation” resources of a department or an activity basin.
  • Implementation of digital tools for a fluid and regular circulation of information to promote reciprocal knowledge between members and establish synergies.
  • Raising awareness of innovation and ecological transition among EPCIs and companies in the region through the organisation of departmental meetings, the aim of which is to review the actions of the AER BFC and the network’s players, as well as the prospects and collective projects. A plenary session is also organised to facilitate mutual knowledge and exchanges between members.

Support for economic change

One of the Agency’s missions is to support regional territories and actors in the face of economic change. This support is provided in partnership with the State services. Within the framework of this support, the AER BFC intervenes on different themes:

  • Access to the economic information needed to understand the dynamics of a territory; support in analysing this information; assistance in decision-making and in developing economic development strategies.
  • Contribution to the knowledge of the regional business fabric and its evolution, in particular by a daily economic watch and by the constitution of qualified files.
  • Participation in forward-looking think tanks on the socio-economic dynamics of the territories in the region.
  • Work on specific socio-economic studies, at the request of the EPCI shareholders.
  • Participation in working groups.
  • Putting your territory in touch with regional and national partners in economic change.
  • Promotion of your territory’s opportunities in our communication tools and in the regional press.
  • Transfer of skills to competitiveness clusters and economic intelligence.