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Promoting innovation

The mission of the AER BFC is to promote innovation in the region, in all its forms (technological or not), among all regional stakeholders concerned (businesses, sectors, regions, network stakeholders, research laboratories, students, etc.).

The objective is to develop and spread a culture of innovation, and give businesses the desire and courage to innovate.

This is the aim of the Créer Demain, dynamic, which is based on 4 fundamental principles:
meeting and discussing,
being inspired,
working together.

Events related to promoting innovation

Annual regional meeting of « Créer Demain, 2 jours pour innover »

In the course of the two days, the event will put the spotlight on innovation in all its forms. The event also provides an opportunity for businesses to connect to the ecosystem. Many regional stakeholders are in fact supporting businesses’ innovative measures, at various stages of the project, from an initial idea to its deployment.

Créer demain, 2 jours promotes collective intelligence by combining the skills and experiences of those involved in economic development in order to progress together, support businesses in their transitions and accelerate their development.

5th edition

  • Theme: Innovation in service of resilience
  • Dates: November 22nd and 23rd
  • Location: Maison de l’Économie in Besançon

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« Créer Demain, Innov’Tour » meetings

The meetings « Créer Demain, Innov’tour » meetings take place across the region throughout the year and are jointly organised with stakeholders from the RRI (Regional Innovation Network): sectors, CCI, technical centres and public laboratories, etc. They can be either virtual or face-to-face and their aim is to acclimatise businesses to a theme or topical issue.