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Forestry – Timber


Picto Région BFC

3rd French region for its afforestation rate

4,630 establishments
23,500 jobs

1.76 million hectares of forest

The AER BFC supports you

Amélie Dessolle Giordano

Amélie DESSOLLE GIORDANO, Referent for the timber sector, will be your key contact at AER BFC for any project relating to the wood industry. She will be able to support you at every stage of your wood industry project.
The support offered by AER BFC takes different forms:

  • Meetings with high-stake companies,
  • Participation in the animation of the ecosystem,
  • Targeted prospecting in France and abroad,
  • Engineering of company projects,
  • Financial engineering,
  • Land and business real estate. – adessolle@aer-bfc.com 

One of the most wooded regions

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, one of the most wooded regions

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté is one of the most wooded regions in France: more than a third of the territory is covered by forests, a real reservoir of biodiversity. The forest is a source of economic wealth through the exploitation of wood as a material and source of energy. Forest nurseries, forestry, forest management, wood harvesting, transport, processing and use in construction, interior and exterior fittings, packaging, sawing, cooperage, marquetry, wood energy, etc.: all sectors are present in the region. All sectors are present in the region. Sawmill and woodworking companies and wood construction companies account for almost half of the sector’s employees.

3 dedicated partners

Fibois BFC : The companies of the wood sector are represented by a regional interprofessional association of the forest and wood: FIBOIS, resulting from the merger of Aprovalbois in Bourgogne and ADIB in Franche-Comté. FIBOIS BOURGOGNE-FRANCHE-COMTÉ aims to develop the production, mobilisation, exploitation, use, transformation and promotion of wood from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

FCBA – Institut Technologique : As an industrial technical centre, FCBA’s mission is to promote technical progress, to participate in the improvement of yield and to guarantee quality in the industry. Its field of action covers the entire forestry-wood and furniture sector: forestry, logging, sawmills, pulp and paper, wood-based panels, carpentry, joinery, structure, furniture, packaging and various products.

Cluster Robin.s : The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Wood & Biobased Construction Cluster is now entering a fully operational phase. Its aim is to develop the use of wood and bio-sourced materials in building construction.

Tonnellerie François Frères

Leading companies in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Acta Mobilier, Bois et Sciages de Sougy, Ducerf Groupe, Fruytier Group, Groupe Bordet, Groupe Charlois, Isovoo, Jeujura, Lacroix Emballages, Manufacture des Usines Réunies, Parqueterie Beau Soleil, Pépinières Naudet, POBI, Scierie Grandpierre, Simonin, Tonnellerie François Frères, etc.

Our support

Bongard-Bazot et Fils

Bongard-Bazot et Fils

  • Type de project: development
  • Activity: forestry, sawmill
  • Location: La Machine (58)
  • Partners: Communauté de Communes
    Sud Nivernais, Conseil régional de Bourgogne-

  • Expected jobs: 2

A family business founded in 1963, whose main activities are forestry and sawing. The company offers a wide range of sawn timber, planed products and PEFC eco-certified energy wood from the forests of Burgundy. Its development dynamics and the economic context have led the company to extend its production site located in La Machine (58) in order to group together its primary and secondary processing activities and create a space dedicated to online sales. The Agency discussed with the company to guide it towards the appropriate financing and assisted it in compiling the real estate assistance file.