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05 July 2023 L'agence, Innovation / Recherche Share :

To delve further into the theme of the 2022 edition of Create Tomorrow, 2 Days to Innovate – “Collective Intelligence, a Powerful Lever for Innovation,” the AER BFC organized a technical half-day on Thursday, May 29th at ESIREM in Dijon, led by Martin DUVAL, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Bluenove, who also spoke at the “Innovate Faster Together” conference.

Collaboration in the Face of Environmental Challenges

In the face of environmental, ecological, and societal challenges, most companies often mobilize alone and sometimes with certain stakeholders: employees, clients, partners. However, they generally move forward independently within an industry, without pooling their resources and efforts.

Collaborative Workshops

Reduction and recycling of waste, reuse of raw materials and product durability, eco-design, etc. present themselves as opportunities to collaborate, accelerate, and amplify the desired impacts. After a contextual introduction, participants had the opportunity to reflect in small workshops to:

  • Identify obstacles and possible solutions to overcome them
  • Identify topics, themes, and specific challenges conducive to such collaboration
  • And imagine how to implement such initiatives

The plenary session allowed groups to continue the discussions while benefiting from examples cited by Maïté MARANDIN from the IAE Resource Center and (re)discover this mode of operation through the EFC with Bénédicte DOLIDZÉ from AER BFC.

The team of the AER BFC’s Innovation and Ecological Transition Center would like to thank ESIREM Dijon for hosting the event, Martin DUVAL for his facilitation, and the participating attendees: Amélie DESSOLLE, Martin DUVAL, Cyprien PROST, Daniel MICARD, Bénédicte DOLIDZÉ, Céline MARMONT TENDRON, and Maïté MARANDIN.