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Béatrice JOLY at the France Bioproduction Congress

08 April 2023 L'agence, Innovation / Recherche, Filières, Attractivité de la région Santé Share :

Béatrice JOLY, Health Industries and Technologies Project Manager, will be present on 5 and 6 April at the France Bioproduction Congress organised in Tours by POLEPHARMA. This event brings together and federates all the players in the health sector.

The actors of the health sector present at the Congress

The players in the health sector in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region are also present: Urgo Medical, Cellaven, De Dietrich Process Systems, PMT, Dijon Métropole, RD-BIOTECH, Grand Besançon Développement, Gilson, BIONOVEO.

Clémentine GAMONET, Head of the Interface and Maturation Unit in Bioproduction at EFS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Axel BENOIST, Managing Director of ARXUM presented the contribution of blockchain in laboratory activities for better traceability and quality. The Gilson team also presented its connected pipettes. 4 thematic sessions:

  • Session 1: Bioproduction: issues & news
  • Session 2: Biomanufacturing & sustainability
  • Session 3: Biomanufacturing: accelerating tomorrow’s processes
  • Session 4: Biomanufacturing in cell therapy: the challenges of scale-up

About the France Bioproduction Congress

The France Bioproduction Congress is an annual professional event in France dedicated to the biomanufacturing industry. The congress aims to bring together experts from the biotechnology and drug production industry to discuss the latest trends and advances in drug production.

The France Bioproduction Congress provides a platform for biotech companies, drug manufacturers, technology providers and investors to showcase the latest innovations, cutting-edge solutions and products in the biomanufacturing field. It also provides an opportunity to meet industry experts and exchange ideas, best practices and experiences with them.