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CLHYNN: The green hydrogen fuel cell

24 June 2024 L'agence, Investissement Share :

Testimony of Jean-Patrick CORSO, President of CLHYNN

Established in Besançon in 2022, CLHYNN is developing a green hydrogen fuel cell technology that does not use platinum catalyst nor pressurized hydrogen tank. CLHYNN is developing an approach that involves several breakthrough technological components:

  • Operation of cells in anionic mode allowing the use of a nickel-based catalyst instead of platinum. A unique manufacturing process for their main constituent, the membrane, has been specially developed.
  • Integration of an associated hydrogen source, capable of generating the hydrogen needed for the cell operation in situ.

This new technology helps to overcome the obstacles faced by the hydrogen sector such as the carbon origin of hydrogen, and the slow development of green hydrogen production/storage/transport/distribution infrastructures, as well as, in the longer term, the rarity of platinum and the sovereignty issues it entails.

After validating the proof of concept, CLHYNN embarked on an industrial property process materialized by a patent application that was funded by a 2nd Presta’INNO.
CLHYNN was able to benefit from the support of AER BFC, followed by Nathalie Loch, Hydrogen Project Manager.

We are very grateful to the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region in general and AER BFC in particular, for accompanying us daily in our very innovative business approach. The contribution to the significant costs of filing a patent for a young start-up is an extremely appreciable example.

CLHYNN, awarded at the 2023 edition of the INNOV’BFC Prize, “Energy Transition” Mention

Born from the meeting between a CNRS researcher who invented a mini hydrogen fuel cell technology and an industrial entrepreneur, CLHYNN offers a disruptive hydrogen cell technology with nickel catalyst and integrated hydrogen source.

The company, located in Besançon, targets mobility, with a power range of 1-10KW initially, for markets such as intralogistics and light mobility, then 100KW later (automotive, light utility vehicles, trucks, etc.).

A member of PMT (Pôle des Microtechniques) and PVF (Pôle Véhicule du Futur), CLHYNN has benefited from a rich regional innovation ecosystem continuum of support.

First incubated at DECA-BFC, the company is hosted in the TEMIS Innovation incubator where it followed the accelerator program of the propeller. Winner of the i-Lab 2022-2023 competition, CLHYNN was also a winner of European events such as “The Arch”, selected among the 100 solutions for energy transition from 18 European countries and presented to the European Parliament in Brussels.

Testimony collected and article written for the 2023 Activity Report of the Regional Economic Agency of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

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