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Collective action between ALons’ZI and AER BFC

04 May 2023 Innovation / Recherche Share :

A collective initiative between AER BFC and ALons’ZI

On Tuesday, April 25th, ALons’ZI and AER BFC partnered to organize a collective initiative focused on ecological transition and innovation. During this event, Cyprien PROST, the Innovation Pole Coordinator, presented the services offered by the Regional Economic Agency of Burgundy-Franche-Comté and explained the various forms of financial support and guidance available to help companies carry out their innovative projects.

Technical and financial support

Afterwards, Bastien ROGNON, Mission Manager for Eco-Design, presented the various technical and financial assistance available for projects related to ecological transition, such as eco-design, functional and cooperative economy, renewable energies, and heat recovery. We would like to express our gratitude to ALons’ZI for organizing this session of discussions on complex yet fascinating topics, as well as to all the companies that attended this meeting.