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Creating Tomorrow Innov’Tour and Design Fiction: imagining the scenarios of 2035

01 April 2024 L'agence, Innovation / Recherche Share :

On March 28, the “Design Fiction” workshop took place during the event Créer Demain, INNOV’TOUR, organized by AER BFC and facilitated by Martin Werlen. This unique workshop allowed participants to delve into futuristic scenarios and collectively reflect on potential transformations for their businesses. Here’s a look back at this creatively rich afternoon.

A Creative Journey into the Future

The Design Fiction workshop, led by Martin Werlen, provided participants with an exceptional opportunity to envision the future through three scenarios imagined for 2035. The ensuing discussions and creations helped visualize the necessary adaptations for their organizations in an ever-evolving world.

Each group explored distinct scenarios, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for the future. This immersion served as a foundation for broader reflection on strategies to adopt and potential innovations for each company participating in the workshop. The most interactive part of the workshop was the co-creation of future objects: advertisements, job offers, and even LinkedIn posts. These creations, blending imagination and prospective reality, enabled participants to materialize their vision of the future of their sector.

Lessons for Today

The workshop concluded with a moment of reflection where groups shared their learnings. Discussions focused on how to adapt current strategies, what new products or services to experiment with, and what organizational structures might foster resilience in an uncertain environment. The afternoon ended with a cross-presentation session where each group shared their future vision. This moment of exchange strengthened cohesion among participants and enriched the collective understanding of multiple ways to approach innovation and adaptation.

The Innovation and Research team of AER BFC, as well as the workshop facilitators, Martin Werlen and Joséphine Beaune, were warmly thanked for their facilitation and contribution to a workshop that will resonate with participants long after its conclusion.