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Expertise in intellectual property and patents

The mission AER BFC performs with respect to Intellectual Property covers a particularly broad field of action: patents, brands, designs and models, copyright and related rights, contractual issues (confidentiality, assignment, licensing), and other peripheral matters. The objective is to enable Intellectual Property to be integrated and considered in business projects.

Conducted in conjunction with CCI Bourgogne Franche-Comté, the expertise proposed stretches from the proposal of actions to be carried out to the development of an intellectual property strategy by way of an analysis of patentability and patent monitoring.

Services chargeable to businesses

  • Sporadic search services with analysis and recommendations
  • Patent monitoring
  • Intellectual property diagnosis

Expertise and advice

  • Accompanying business managers and project leaders
  • Monitoring of business IP strategy
  • Monitoring of intellectual property generally

Some support may be financed through Presta’INNO, managed by AER BFC.

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