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Innovation promotion

The mission of the AER BFC is to promote innovation in the region, in all its forms (technological or not), in the direction of all the regional players concerned (companies, sectors, territories, network players, research laboratories, students, etc.).  

The aim is to develop the spirit of innovation and disseminate the culture of innovation, to inspire and encourage companies to dare to innovate.  

This is the vocation of the dynamic Créer Demain, which is based on 4 fundamentals:
be inspired,
work together.

Events related to the promotion of innovation

Annual event « Créer Demain, 2 jours pour innover », regional in scope

For two days, the event will celebrate innovation in all its forms. This event is also an opportunity for companies to connect with their ecosystem. Indeed, many regional players support companies’ innovative approaches at different stages of the project, from the idea to its deployment.

Créer demain, 2 jours promotes collective intelligence by crossing the skills and experiences of economic development players to move forward together, accompany companies in their transitions and accelerate their development.

See you on 30 November and 1 December at the Palais des Congrès in Dijon for the 4th edition!

Logo Créer Demain, 2 jours pour innover

Meetings « Créer Demain, Innov’Tour »

The meetings « Créer Demain, Innov’tour » throughout the territory and throughout the year, co-organised with the players of the Regional Innovation Network (RRI): sectors, CCIs, technical centres and public laboratories, etc. In virtual or physical format, the aim is to educate companies on a current theme or subject.