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Nathalie Loch, Hydrogen Project Manager at the National Renewable Hydrogen Conference

15 March 2023 L'agence, Filières Hydrogène Share :

Nathalie LOCH – VIALLE, Hydrogen Project Manager at AER BFC is participating today in the “H2 Entreprises – Conférence Nationale Hydrogène Renouvelable” event.

The aim of the event is to contribute to the development and increase in use necessary for the emergence of the sector, and to promote this solution for decarbonising the economy, by sharing information and concrete feedback.

Round table “How to develop territorial synergies – industrial and mobility projects?

Nathalie LOCH – VIALLE will participate in the round table “How to develop territorial synergies – industrial and mobility projects”, introduced by Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, in charge of Industry. This round table will address the following topics:

  • Mobility projects, particularly road mobility, are a major development axis for hydrogen, as well as a network of stations throughout the country.
  • The opening of more than 225 hydrogen charging stations is planned between now and 2025. These projects are spread relatively evenly over France, with an obvious concentration around the major regional cities. Hydrogen mobility projects should represent about 230,000 tonnes/H2/year by 2030, i.e. about 20% of potential production in France.
  • One of the essential challenges in the development of these projects is to identify sites that will allow production units to be set up in the immediate vicinity of industrial consumers, while ensuring that the recharging stations are located in such a way as to allow easy access to users of these stations.