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Podcast – Economy of Functionality and Cooperation (EFC)

11 January 2023 Share :

Discover the first podcast produced by  K6FM on the theme “Economy of Functionality and Cooperation (EFC)”  with Séverine Beaudot, AnotherVision.

Review of the key points of the podcast

  • AnotherVision is a company specialized in audiovisual production for companies and institutions, committed to an eco-production approach, respectful of the environment.
  • The CFE is an emerging economic model, which allows to rethink its economic model, to move towards a more sustainable development path and less resource consumption.
  • In BFC, managers are currently working on these issues in groups and within their companies. They constitute a learning community of actors committed to the KBE dynamic and are cooperating to implement and make these principles operational within their companies.
  • The KBE is a voluntary approach developed by the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region, the AERBFC and the ADEME and supported by the ATEMIS laboratory.
  • The EFC is supported by the ACTES association, a structure that aims to support actors who seek to change their practices to move towards a more virtuous economic model.

ACTES website