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Public services

AER Bourgogne-Franche-Comté has two primary targets: businesses and all the local government areas of the region, i.e. its eight administrative departments.

Services for local communities are :

Economic and geographical engineering

  • Socio-economic observatory (Emfor / regional chamber of commerce and industry)
  • Knowledge of economic activity zones / property / run-down areas
  • Monitoring of businesses and opportunities : strategic business, businesses in difficulty, businesses with foreign capital
  • Cartographic analyses
  • Economic and geographical studies

Decision support and information sharing

  • Surveys and expert reports
  • Participation in local instances working for economic development
  • Contacting other EPCIs with similar projects
  • Information sharing

Sensitization to innovation and eco-innovatio

  • Leading the regional network of innovation actors
  • Building awareness of innovation and ecoinnovation with the region’s EPCI services and businesses
  • Bibliometrics and mapping of patents filed in the region – in partnership with Bourgogne-Franche-Comté chamber of commerce and industry

Economic change

  • In partnership with central government departments

Promotion and attractiveness of the region