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Territorial attractiveness

Portrait of the territory

The AER BFC closer to the territories

In 2020, the AER BFC has developed a service specifically designed to meet the needs of EPCIs, which after the last municipal elections, are embarking on the formalisation of a territorial project. This founding document of the EPCI’s action in terms of development allows the definition of strategic axes in all its fields of competence. It generally includes the definition of an attractiveness strategy and the methods for its implementation. In parallel with this document, the Agency can support you in your various attractiveness initiatives, particularly in the formalisation of arguments.

Territory portrait method

The AER BFC therefore proposes to its shareholders the production of a “Portrait of the territory”. It takes a factual look at the characteristics of the EPCI in its socio-economic dimensions. This tool, a snapshot of the territory at a given moment, aims to summarise in an organised manner the factual, objective, quantified and mapped characteristics and data. It can be supplemented by qualitative and subjective data and by representations of the territory. The document delivered by the REA (in the form of a .ppt presentation) is an excellent preliminary to the formalisation of the ambitions and wishes for the future of the territory. The essential information can also be worked on in the form of a promotional document, worked on and illustrated in a dynamic way that can be disseminated to present the territory’s arguments to elected representatives.

The final “Choose” document is an A5 format. It is personalised according to the territory’s charter and illustrated with visual elements (photos, logos, graphics, etc.) to promote the territory in question.

Monique Gosselin – – mgosselin@aer-bfc.com

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Work with EPCIs in 2021

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Online media library


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Access to the media library

Regional bank of images and documents for economic purposes

Attractiveness is essential for economic development. The AER BFC has contributed its expertise in economic matters by participating in the work carried out by the Region. The Agency has worked on the design and deployment of a regional database of economic images and documentation. This database is composed of a DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform which aims to provide a photo library of more than 10,000 photos and a library to store the productions of the AER BFC and to provide reliable and updated economic arguments. This platform is completed by a public portal, a real tool of attractiveness, making available part of the collection held by the AER BFC.

The digital media library is a project proposed by the Agency and commissioned by the Region in order to pool useful resources for the promotion of the economic assets of my region. These two tools are managed and run by the Agency on behalf of the Region.