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Set up & Develop

At each step in business development a single contact person within our team provides fully confidential professional support and customized monitoring.

Business project engineering by strategic sector in the region

  • Diagnosis of business needs
  • Technical, financial, legal and HR engineering
  • Search for business land and property
  • Search for partners
  • First contacts with the public and private ecosystem for economic development and innovation

Financial engineering

  • Financial pre-diagnosis
  • Identification of mobilizable public and private resources
  • Funding round

Innovative project engineering

  • Eco-innovation, renewable energies, and heat recovery – in partnership with the regional environment and energy management agency
  • Intellectual property and collective technological and sectoral intelligence – in partnership with the regional chamber of commerce and industry
  • Presta’INNO financed by Bpifrance and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regional council

Economic change

  • In partnership with central government departments

Promotion and  attractiveness of the region

  • Enhancement of supply chain collectives  and business initiatives having benefitted from our support, know-how and regional resources
  • Participation in local, national and international trade fairs


All our actions are conducted in close conjunction with the actors engaged in economic development and innovation (generalists, sector specialists, technology specialists, academics, experts, financers), skills training and employment.