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The Agency welcomes Business France – Team France Invest

03 February 2023 L'agence, Filières Santé Share :

On 1 February, the Agency welcomed several representatives of Team France Invest (Business France).

Home of Team France Invest

Martine ABRAHAMSE-PLEUX, Director General of AER BFC, Béatrice JOLY, Health Project Manager and Hatim CHAMCHI, National and International Prospecting Coordinator welcomed today Sébastien CARBON, Team France Invest Project Manager at Business France (Invest in France) and Benoît COLINOT, Health Project Director at Business France (Invest in France).

The aim of this meeting was to present the regional health ecosystem in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté Region.

Thank you to all the actors of the ecosystem present during this meeting:

  • Stéphane BOSSAVIT, Managing Director of Dijon Bourgogne Invest
  • Fouad BOUNOUIDRATE, Santenov Project Director, Dijon Métropole
  • Xavière CASTANO, Co-founder of Crossject
  • Agnès FOURCOT, Manager of innovation in health at PMT
  • Pierre DISTINGUIN, Director of the Economy at Besançon, City and Urban Community
  • Éric HOWALD, Economic Development Manager, Besançon, City and Urban Community
  • Bruno FAVIER, Director of TEMIS Technopole
  • Sylvie MERCIER, Marketing and Communication Director, RD-BIOTECH