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Welcome to Karine BERGER, who is joining the Innovation and Research Division.

16 April 2024 L'agence Share :

Karine BERGER - Chargée de mission InnovationWe are delighted to announce the arrival of Karine BERGER as Innovation Mission Officer at AER BFC, who has joined the Innovation and Research team.

With a background in agronomic engineering from Institut Agro Dijon, Karine has a diverse professional background. She has worked with startups, where she led R&D projects focused on microalgae, exploring innovative solutions for food, water, and the environment. She also founded a micro-enterprise specializing in the development and production of spirulina kits for individuals. More recently, Karine joined the consultancy firm LEYTON as an innovation financing consultant, leveraging her expertise to help companies maximize their research through research tax credits.

In her role at AER BFC, Karine will closely collaborate with Samuel to support regional businesses’ innovation projects. Her role will involve identifying, supporting, and promoting innovative initiatives, as well as participating in the organization of the “Create Tomorrow” event, the innovation rendezvous in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Based in Besançon, she will also travel throughout the region to meet with companies and innovation partners.

We are confident that Karine’s arrival will bring new energy to the Innovation and Research team and strengthen our ability to support innovation and research in the region.