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A look back at the plenary session of the Regional Innovation Network (RRI)

02 July 2024 L'agence, Innovation / Recherche Share :

On July 2nd, the Regional Innovation Network (RRI) held its annual plenary session at the Temis Innovation premises in Besançon. This eagerly awaited event allows network members to meet before the summer break, exchange ideas, and discover or rediscover partners and innovative initiatives.

Numerous Interventions from Network Members

Several network personalities took the floor to share news and testimonies about innovation in the region:

  • Martine Abrahamse – Pleux, General Director of AERBFC, and Arnaud Marthey, Regional Councillor responsible for economic intelligence, innovation, and technology transfer in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, opened the plenary session.
  • Bruno Favier, Director of the Technopole Temis, presented Temis Innovation and the policy of a technopole.
  • Julie Chettouh (BGE Franche-Comté), Sylvain Compagnon (DECA-BFC), Benjamin Goizet (PMT Santé), and Jean-Patrick Corso (CLHYNN) described the Temis Innovation ecosystem.
  • Catherine Ledet, Head of the Sectors and Competitiveness Department in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, presented regional news on innovation, including the Biotherapies roadmap, the Fundtruck, Viva Technology, and the SIAL fair.
  • Baptiste Reymann and Marine Martin, representatives of France Experimentation, detailed the scheme allowing companies to develop innovative projects despite regulatory constraints.
  • Jason Queudray, Carbon Innovation Officer at infra2050, presented the new infra2050 competitiveness cluster.
  • Antoine Waret (ADEME) and Térence Gaget presented the new Low Tech scheme.

Interactive Workshops

  • Workshop 1: “Promoting the Regional Support Pathway” This workshop aimed to develop a new tool to help innovative companies in the region understand the existing support pathway in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.
  • Workshop 2: “Creating RRI Tools (charter, sponsorship, etc.)” This workshop aimed to define the key players of the Regional Innovation Network and draft a charter between RRI members.

This day was rich in exchanges and information, contributing to strengthening ties between regional innovation stakeholders. Thank you to all the participants for their commitment and contributions, which made this plenary session a true success.