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Discover the video of the AER BFC 2021 activity report

16 May 2022 L'agence Share :

A determined Agency, built on solid foundations, at the service of economic development and regional economic attractiveness 

After two years of unprecedented health crisis, the year 2021 saw a strong recovery of our regional economy. Thanks to the support plans, then the recovery plans, coordinated between the State and the Region, the much feared economic crisis has been mitigated. In order to plan ahead and face these challenges, AER BFC has remained close to companies and territories to maintain and develop activities and employment. 

A useful and recognised agency  

  • In 2021, the Agency continued the ISO 9001 certification process obtained on 15 March 2021 for three years.
  • The Agency has 54 EPCI shareholders alongside the region and 19 additional EPCIs are candidates to become shareholders in 2022.

The number of completed projects has been maintained   

The development and prospection division carries out daily project engineering work with regional companies, future companies and territories with: 

  • 604 projects in portfolio at the end of December 2021 
  • 46% of exogenous projects
  • 94 successful projects and 1,899 jobs created or maintained 

Favouring international investments which place the region in 6th place among French regions with:  

  • 117 projects, 2 548 jobs
  • 49% of regional projects in production (3rd region in France)
  • 11% of regional projects in R&D (5th region in France)

The year 2021 has been synonymous with adaptability for the agency. With uncertain health conditions, the calendar was very fluid, marked by cancellations and postponements. The Agency therefore continued its activities by participating in digital trade fairs, webinars and conducting digital prospecting missions.  

Constant support for innovation and eco-innovation  

The innovation and eco-innovation cluster has played its role in helping companies to be agile and responsive, continuing to innovate to meet new challenges and pursue their development. 

  • 68 Presta’INNO files were examined. 62 received aid for a commitment of 425,100 euros
  • 63 companies received funding and/or in-depth technical monitoring in eco-innovation/renewable energy/heat recovery
  • The regional event “Create Tomorrow, 2 days to innovate” mobilised more than 260 participants, of which more than 40% were companies
  • 2 new incubators awarded the “High level of services” label
  • 280 visits organised with companies and project leaders, related to innovation, eco-innovation, renewable energy and heat recovery

Develop and share regional economic knowledge 

The economic and territorial intelligence unit has come to support the territories in terms of socio-economic knowledge and by proposing tools adapted to their expectations:  

  • More than 1,100 users and 120 regional publications on Décidata, the regional observation platform for data on the Economy-Employment-Training fields
  • 195 exclusive ads and 13,000 visitors on the real estate opportunities showcase
  • All the EPCIs in the region have been made aware of their economic land according to a unified method, for better management of their business parks + visual: figure “113
  • Carrying out of 3 sector studies to improve knowledge of regional ecosystems and contribute to the definition of strategies and action plans + visual: “Energy”, “Watchmaking”, “Automotive” terms
  • Monitoring of companies at stake, in difficulty and with external capital + visual: map of companies with foreign capital

Promoting the economic attractiveness of the territory  

The development of the economic attractiveness of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté requires the implementation of an economic promotion plan defined by the cluster and which uses all communication tools:  

  • 4 arguments for the promotion of the sectors of excellence,
  • Publication of the fifth magazine “Influences” to promote the luxury sector and exceptional know-how
  • Organisation of the Create Tomorrow event and management of the communication of the Hydrogen Business For Climate Forum
  • Participation in industry events such as: EPHJ, Stomatology Congress, etc.
  • Organisation of the meeting to launch the work of the SRDEII 2022-2028 (Regional Plan for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalisation): 160 participants in person and 283 by videoconference
  • 6 commissions with territories for the production of territorial portraits (Grand Besançon Métropole, Grand Sénonais, Pays d’Héricourt, Grand Charolais, Bresse Louhannaise, Pays de Lure, Puisaye Forterre

The Regional Economic Agency of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, an agency at the service of businesses and territories. 

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