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AER BFC Annual General Meeting

08 June 2023 L'agence Share :

Review of the Ordinary General Assembly of AER BFC, which brings together all shareholders and makes decisions for the months to come.

FDI Ranking

Speech by our president, Jean-Claude LAGRANGE, who highlighted the positive results of AER BFC, including the 5th position of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in the Business France Foreign Direct Investment ranking, the strength of its industry and sectors, the dynamism of the regional ecosystem, and the support of its 95 shareholder EPCIs.

2022 Activity Report

Martine ABRAHAMSE-PLEUX, General Director, also presented the 2022 activity report of AER BFC, along with the animated video of the activity report. These two documents illustrate the agency’s positive results for the year 2022.

Intervention by Ubitransport

We had the privilege of hearing from Jean-Paul MEDIONI, President of Ubitransport, newly renamed Matawan, and President of La French Tech Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.
Ubitransport is a leading company in the field of public transport network management and optimization. Their SaaS platform offers an enhanced service to users by enabling travel with a single ticket and contributing to reducing the environmental footprint of journeys.
Ubitransport’s turnkey and real-time solutions encompass operations support, digital ticketing management, payment, passenger information, and data for efficient and inclusive mobility in cities and regions.

Key Figures about the Company

  • +10 years of existence (founded in 2012 in Mâcon)
  • €45 million raised in 2019
  • 250 employees
  • 8 sites in France (headquarters in Mâcon – flagship location of French Tech)
  • 46 awards and recognitions since 2012
  • 30 partnerships with tech, mobility, and CSR ecosystems
  • Ranked #1 in the number of public transport networks equipped with connected ticketing in France
  • 300 deployed networks, including 12 regions

Intervention by Nicolas Soret

Nicolas SORET, Vice-President in charge of finance, economic development, social and solidarity economy, and employment, was also interviewed. He highlighted that:

  • This year, the region has initiated its new regional strategy for economic development, innovation, and internationalization.
  • This strategy sets major guidelines: successfully managing transitions, strengthening attractiveness, addressing industry challenges, and supporting the local economy.