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L’AER BFC signe une convention avec Emfor Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

03 November 2022 L'agence Share :

Agreement between AER BFC and Emfor

At the Regional Economic Forum on Tuesday 27 September, the AER BFC signed an agreement with Emfor

This agreement formalises and reinforces the work already carried out for several years between Emfor and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Regional Economic Agency, which have demonstrated the added value of this cooperation: socio-economic data platform Décidata, territorial analyses, professionalisation of actors in the territories.

Work themes and avenues for collective enrichment

The working themes mentioned below are not exhaustive and may evolve according to the missions and needs of the two structures.

  1. Inform each other about actions in shared fields
  2. Participate jointly in regional work
  3. Co-designing and sharing databases, reference systems and methods
  4. Exchanging good practices
  5. Offer each other visibility

The roles and missions of the two structures show a potential for cooperation and complementarity on many socio-economic subjects around the themes of the economy, employment, training and vocational guidance. And in particular the employment-training relationship and the needs of companies and territories in terms of skills.