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Paris-based start-up Jimmy has chosen Le Creusot as the location for its future nuclear thermal generator construction and assembly plant in Burgundy-Franche-Comté.

11 March 2024 L'agence, Investissement, Filières Nucléaire Share :

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and its Regional Economic Agency (AER BFC) are pleased with the strategic establishment in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté of the new site of the company Jimmy, which they have been supporting since the end of 2022. Jimmy designs and operates nuclear thermal generators to provide its clients with decarbonized heat, cheaper than that obtained with fossil energies. The choice of Le Creusot to host their first industrial site marks a significant step towards the decarbonization of the industry. With an investment of 100 million euros, Jimmy aims to mass-produce cutting-edge nuclear generators, intended to revolutionize the energy sector.

A major investment for the region

The acquisition of a 125,000 m² site on the territory of the Urban Community of Creusot Montceau reflects Jimmy’s choice for this location in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region within a highly industrial territory, with a strong culture of dynamic and innovation-oriented energy and nuclear sectors. This investment of 100 million euros will create 300 direct jobs, thus strengthening this ecosystem. This establishment will contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of the Urban Community of Creusot Montceau and the region as a whole, as a hub of innovation and advanced technology, relying on expertise in mechanics and metallurgy. Marie-Guite DUFAY, President of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, is delighted with the establishment of Jimmy, which will benefit from the solid ecosystem of the nuclear sector, representing 23,000 employees in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Innovation and technology at the service of the industry

Jimmy, a visionary start-up, winner of the call for projects on innovative small nuclear reactors of France 2030, is adopting a proven technology, the High-Temperature Reactor, intended to replace gas boilers with thermal generators of a power of 20MW thermal. This initiative is part of a broader goal of rapid decarbonization of the industry, especially in key sectors such as agri-food, chemistry, and the paper industry. Its new site, which will be located in Le Creusot on the Coriolis activity zone, will allow the construction and assembly of these generators and ensure their maintenance on the industrial sites of their clients.

Tailored regional support

The AER BFC, in collaboration with Nuclear Valley, and alongside the CUCM, played a key role in supporting this significant project since the end of 2022. For Jean-Claude LAGRANGE, President of the AER BFC, this support reflects the synergy between local and regional players to foster innovation and sustainable development. As a privileged interlocutor, the AER BFC accompanied the leaders of JIMMY at all stages, with monthly progress meetings, leading to the choice of their site of establishment: identifying potential implantation sites, presenting the ecosystem, interfacing with local actors, presenting regional land financing solutions, thus demonstrating its commitment to the economic and technological development of the region.

Testimonial from Jimmy

“We are now looking forward to continuing the development of the company by anchoring ourselves in Le Creusot. This industrial platform marks a major milestone in the history of Jimmy, and we are very proud to inscribe it in the great industrial history of the Creusot-Montceau territory. We thank the Region and the AER BFC for their constant support since our first steps in the region, and their valuable help thanks to their knowledge of the territory and their quick understanding of our issues and constraints. The Creusot site was immediately identified as one of the promising sites, and the AER BFC helped us turn this project into reality. We are eager to continue our collaboration on other themes, notably training and employment!”

About Jimmy

Founded in 2020, Jimmy positions itself at the forefront of the energy transition with a clear mission: to accelerate the decarbonization of the industry. With the support of the State and financial partners, Jimmy combines innovation and multidisciplinary expertise to reinvent the use of nuclear energy. The company aims to commission its industrial demonstrator by 2026, illustrating its vision of a decarbonized and competitive industry.