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Welcome to Julien MARTINEZ, who is joining the Energy Transition and Sustainable Economy Cluster.

13 March 2024 L'agence Share :

Visual Julien MARTINEZ - Eco-design project managerWe are delighted to announce the arrival of Julien MARTINEZ at AER BFC, who has joined the team, especially the Energy Transition and Sustainable Economy Unit.

Julien has a strong academic and professional background directly related to his mission. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Eco-Design and Plastic Materials (ECMP) from CIRFAP (now Polyvia) in Lyon, as well as a Master’s Degree in Plastic Materials and Eco-Design (MPEC) from the University of Burgundy. This expertise is accompanied by significant experience in the automotive industry, where Julien spent more than six years, including five years as an apprentice.

Julien’s main mission will be to support companies in our region with their eco-design projects. He will be responsible for leading awareness-raising actions and spreading good practices in eco-design, as well as highlighting exemplary initiatives through the Eco-Innovate Trophies. His succession to Bastien ROGNON is a testament to the agency’s continuity and commitment to eco-design and sustainability.

Julien’s arrival strengthens the team and underscores our commitment to energy transition and sustainable economy.